E-Waste refers to any electrical or electronic device that is either end of life, isn’t operational in it’s current state or no longer used. E-Waste is destined for either reuse, resale, salvaging of precious metals or disposal.

In partnership with one of Australia’s biggest recyclers, we provide e-waste management solutions for both projects and or an ongoing basis. Our cost effective and cost neutral strategies benefit all parties involved both ethically and financially. 

Certificates of environmental pledge are supplied to clients stating how much e-waste was received, what has been repurposed and what was recycled. 


Data Destruction

We provide secure data destruction for any e-waste that may hold sensitive data. Our data destruction methods are approved for Government use in both Australia and New Zealand through BDE 6.9.1 Common Criteria (CC) certification via Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP). 

We supply a certificate of data destruction to ensure that the data has been destroyed using methods adhering to the above. 

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