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Australian born and raised IT Consultancy and IT Solutions company with over 10 years combined experience in the IT Industry.


What We Do

Managed IT Services

Our services include 24/7 IT Support, 24/7 Monitoring, Hardware Management, Third Party Vendor Mangement and Asset Mangement.

Virus and Malware Protection

We stay proactive by observing how your computer and systems are used so that we can provide protection best suited to you.

Data Backup and Business Continuity

We provide secure data backup solutions and business continuity plans with minimal to no downtime.

Network Design and Architecture

We make sure that your network hardware, design and architecture is best suited to your business both through cost effectiveness and through it’s reliability to perform on the scale that your business requires.

Cloud Architecture and Services

We help your business take advantage of cloud services to cut large costs of hardware infrastructure, Keep 99% uptime rates and to keep your business and employees working out and about when needed.

Business Process Optimisation

We will analyse and break down every component and process of your business and create solutions through IT hardware and software that will help you both streamline processes, improve effectiveness and efficiency while cutting costs.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

RDT IT Services provides your business with an all in one solution to provide seamless IT integrations and processes.

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Seamless Integration and Interations with your IT systems and processes, so your business can run optimally.






E-Waste / E-Recycling Service now available

Our newest environmentally friendly service is our E-Recycling and E-Waste Service.

RDT IT Services will walk through the site, analyse all e-waste that you wish to dispose and we will then either offer a Cost Effective or Cost Neutral plan depending on the e-waste on site. Any laborious tasks involving E-Waste can be handled by RDT IT Services, saving time and money for all parties involved.


What People Are Saying

We engaged Jonathan from RDT IT Services for the re-design and implementation of a new website along with various other IT requirements. Jonathan was knowledgeable and professional and our requirements were achieved in a timely manner. We would be happy to recommend his company and  services.

Melissa Holford

Operations Manager, Serfloor Australia

When it comes to developers, Jon is a rare breed! Knowledgable, transparent and great with design – he made our website redesign project come to life. Despite throwing a lot of curve balls, Jon was able to provide fixes at every roadblock. Easy to work with in person, and accessible when you need tech support…

Felisha Mendoza Mina

Creative Director, Mendoza Mina

Our computers are imperative to the successful running of our daily business and to this day RDT IT is the only place we would contact for further IT installations, maintenance and our “user related” computer issues! Jonathan is always polite, efficient, friendly and goes above and beyond, something that you don’t often find within his industry.

Administration Manager

Frontline Demolition

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